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Standard Pre-Purchase Survey

We assess all aspects of vessel performance and condition and provide a high quality report to help you evaluate and mitigate the challenges of purchasing a yacht in Greece.  We conduct Pre-Purchase Surveys for a wide variety of Sailing and Motor Yachts.  We also offer targeted surveys including an Express Pre-Purchase Survey, a Full Hull Survey, and a Repair Cost Report.


The Standard Pre-Purchase Survey lasts one day and consists of three elements:

  • Static, in-water inspection

  • “Haul-out” to inspect the underbody (on dry-dock)

  • Sea Trial; including performance testing and a trial of the boat’s major systems including steering, controls, shafts, engine mounts, exhaust systems, as well as hull elements while under load. 


The Standard Pre-Purchase Survey Report includes the following sections:

  • Hull Exterior

  • Hull Internal Structure

  • Deck and External Fittings

  • Rigging and Sails

  • Propulsion

  • System and Services

  • Accommodation Area

  • Safety Equipment

  • Boat Certifications and Licenses

  • Overall Survey Grade

  • Decision Matrix


Here's what sets our reports apart:

  • We prioritize the repairs we identify into three categories so you know what you need to address first and what can wait

  • We provide a proprietary Decision Matrix that quickly and easily helps you understand all concerns and benefits associated with your unique yacht and goals

  • We include a nuanced appraisal based on our deep, up-to-the-minute knowledge of the yacht market

  • We summarize our conclusions so you can consult an easy-to-read list of our key findings


The Report can generally be delivered three days after the Survey and is full of images.

Contact us now for a customized quote.




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